1I vote to ACCEPT the proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution.
2I vote to REJECT the proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution.

At its last meeting of the 2013 spring semester the Faculty Senate unanimously accepted a set of proposed changes to the Faculty Constitution and Bylaws that had been recommended by a Quadrennial Review committee. 
Many of the proposed changes to the constitution are grammatical.  Some are clarifications that address interpretations that have been made by the Senate Executive Committee when questions have arisen.  Two are more substantive and worthy of careful consideration:
  1. Changes to the structure of the Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee that are intended to simultaneously make the committee more agile and better able to consider and review important policies; and
  2. Changing Faculty President terms to two years (rather than one) with a two consecutive term limit (rather than none) and including a Faculty Vice President with real responsibilities rather than a Faculty President-elect.

All individuals with a fully-affiliated academic rank are being asked to vote on the proposed changes where a two-thirds majority of at least 100 voters will need to approve the changes for them to be accepted.

You can find the proposed changes displayed in a variety of ways (including “tracked changes”) at: http://www.wright.edu/administration/senate/SummaryPage.html

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